My sunrise..

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

This morning I woke up without worry's crease,
My mind and heart together in tranquil peace.
Dark clouds of doubts of  yesterday,
Were left behind ..castaway.
The morning sun, gentle, mellow,
Wrapped me in dawn's rosy glow.
Gingerly, touching my drowsy eyes,
And I welcomed sunrise.
I felt his rays linger on my face,
Held by morning, in hope's embrace.
He brought with him, thoughts new,
Dreams yet to see,  to come true
I felt beautiful, alive. I felt strong,
I felt right, I could ne'er be wrong.
Happiness, glorious,undisguised,
This morn' I found in my sunrise.
A new beginning, a hopeful start.
This morn' I woke up with a sunrise in my heart.

This too, shall pass

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