Child is the father of man(oxymoron)

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Permit me to lead you through a short poetic scan
Regarding child is the father of man
It's the challenge title bit
Though i have not grasped it completely..i couldn't resist it

Written by the Cockermouth poet
Wordsworth, a Lake District laureate
The Poem, The Rainbow- a verse so, so brief
But, is actually a pantheistic creed, a belief

I have read all your challenge comeback
And was truly charmed of each of your poetic knack
Over what became so famous in quote
Is merely the seventh line Wordsworth wrote

Child is the father of man-The Rainbow's seventh line
Alludes to a great deal more than is printed fine
It is ideation, meditative, spiritual
Shows integration of time period-man grows from real to virtual

A child form and mind is the most primitive, yet superior
As adult, man has lost his simplicity and awe of nature
If with his inner child a father loses contact
He loses his greatest gift,his guide,his god, his teacher infact

The line further implies that a father being is mature
His maturity however, arose from a childlike wonder- so pure
That poem denotes,(present to future)-a child brings forth a man
Children teach us always-therefore, child is the father of man

A verbal paradox, a metaphor this entire poem The Rainbow
Its volumes yet, featherlike in flow
Famed 7th line, whole poem,most debated, thrashed-but still is newborn
For...that great, great man of Dervent gave to posterity the finest,finest OXYMORON

The truth, for a man to be wholesome and magnificient
He must first be a child, in God, in nature..loving,forgiving and innocent
Verily i say unto you.................(Mathew eighteen)
...Become as little children ye shall enter..said so in the Bible.. long has been

Note : Oxymoron: are contradictory phrases egs..Civil wars, childish adult, Original copy, alone together, peace force, terribly pleased, small crowds, loose tights,eco-tourism,oldnews, even odds,foundmissing ,random order

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