Changing Tides

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Taste of salt upon my lips with warmth of summer sun all through
A lazy stretch in reminisce, ‘Neath shifting sands of time
Squinted eyes at azure sky, so bright with shades of powdered blue
Espying Angels face that formed sweet memory which once was mine

Receding waters tell a tale of love as was, now out of reach
Bobbing heads of flotsam crested waves of thought, far out from shore
As fingers sieve the golden grains, for starlight strands upon the beach
No lingering in ocean depths, my life is bathed in light once more

Washed over by emotions, uncertainty of future told
In joyful recognition when two hearts in care, become entwined
To share in long held secrets of the type that renders friendship bold
Discovery ‘twixt dream like state, in soul mate of forever kind


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