The Child Is Father Of The Man. (12th Inspirational Title Challenge)

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

The snow today did bring their way a higher kind of love.
As snowflakes fell and cast their spell,a blessing from above.
This Kingdom Of The Children,Dad feels like a refugee.
With haste agrees to pawn his soul but without a guarantee.

With hands in gloves and hoods pulled up,they both take centre stage.
Superfluous snow, for sure let go,emotions that'd been caged.
An interactive process,some brute force with dainty touch.
He'd never built a snowman, always wanted to so much.

Frozen vapour,it was bonded and then moulded,'twas soon dusk.
The man of snow's upbringing forged with sadness but with trust.
Both beaming with affection,so amazed at what they'd done.
A feeling of elation,no more feelings being spurned.

A snowman formed with love and care inhibitions running wild.
With daughter there,this moment rare,he found his inner child.
So parents find this inner child,no ifs or buts but can.
Today's the day the child is the father of the man.


As per Dowel's 12th Inspirational Title Challenge

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