The Bat: An Inexactly Right Myth

a poem by John Starks, USA

Some early bats proclaimed that bugs were sweet,
But slept in hammocks ere they found a bed
On which to rest their sonar-lacking head,
Which taught them, ere wings grew, to use their feet.
Starvation was the thing they had to beat,
And dire necessity, oppressing, led
To sonar systems of which most have read
Aft evolution was, more so, complete.
But, early on, they cracked their heads on trees,
And proved good fodder for the early snake
As they, in daylight, blindly hunted bees.
Ah, then nigthtlife did keep them all awake,
And they caught bugs by saying: "Pretty please"
When ugly bugs were hot, and "on the make".

Ah, Bitter Winter
Splendid Nature!

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