Ode To Clan’s Iroko Tree

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Behold her standing with feet deep in loam
With tender arms towering skies, to the birds a home
Shedding fresh breeze on us the novices of earth
Same shed on our antecedents, the sires of our birth
Showered by nature's numerous blessings
She stood strong to all laughing seasons
When I, mourning winter and roast in charcoal heats
Naked she stands adorn by mist as winter hits

O beholder of our olds
To thee I have come with laurels of gold
In thee the secret of our bloodline sleeps
For thou had lived before every weep
Of our blood drowned in war's woe
Their last plea only thou know

O heavens you seduce with your lips-like leaves
Angels on your limbs rest with great belief
As your sheltered birds chorus their melodious tune in degrees
Heaven and earth in unison seem to agree
Your limbs all wings of sky treasure
For it is baked in everlasting pleasure
Your monastery like commune seduces the services of my heart
I will be born again to serve your glorious path
Beneath thee lay treasured tourists' surprise
To humanity you are a worthy prize
Thy tooth-like roots nurtures your glorious existence
Thy tower a land mark and historical essence
My ancient, your grace ignite fires in my heart
Though journey of life might us draw apart

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