The Child Is The Father Of The Man.”

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

I pray thine children sate their fathers will,
Whilst in reflective moments, proud is thee,
Though urchins we, sometimes a bitter pill,
So bitter pills, sweet medicines can be,

Midst thine travelled, leafy, memory lanes,
Should secret guests, perchance thy sown seeds,
Find treasured fortunes fair, faux laboured pains,
That ofttimes wakes the flowers boon and weeds,

Although thy years forenoon of life hath past,
Thou summers sprightly spirit having fled,
Though discontent and crouched from winter’s blast,
In spring once more, the spring of youth shalt tread,

Thy once bright watchful eye, that age doth wan,
Like yonder star pulsating, eons tire,
Behold philosophies, phenomenon,
Yet stir the passions of thou heart’s desire,

Thou art the aspirations of the child,
We are thine exercise, thee our exam,
Thou art the teacher of the lamb beguiled,
“The child is the father of the man”.

Keith Lumbard 30th September 2011

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