a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

It was called Harmony, sometimes,the House of Love
There was fengshui and the basic big five elementals
Water,wood,fire, earth and metal
Well lit, measured North South aspect
Safe to harbour folks with due respect

There was Ying Yang balance, Zodiac charms and colours to blend
Touted philtres, gadgets, latest trend
They spoke of travel, East West Directions
Vaastu -the rules of building,I-Ching interpretations

So learned, the folks who lived in this hallowed construction
Preened.... even believed they had the bluest blood connection
A dumb philistine could see that there would be loss
There was no happiness, there was no peace, only fights and floss

Pack of wolves, turned on themselves.
In that the House of Love?

Pack of cards, this house, never a home tumbled, went falling
When 'Outcome' the Lady of deeds good and bad,came calling
Waves of distrust, discord,suspicion and hate at her epicentre
As earthquake, she upended and destroyed where she chose to enter

She didn't bother to knock upon the auspicious double locked door
Fengshui, energy spots or eruditions could not stop her much more
Quite the Goddess Ate of revenge,risen-from-dead, heartless hack
Entered the walls with all past deeds. What goes around comes back

Wind Chimes,'sunny angles',drapes, crystal- does not a house make home
Nor talisman,good-vibe-pet, plants, welcome mat, or bless'd holy.. cornerstone
Push out facades, lie-ceilings and chip the paint for fundamentals
Reinforce concrete-a different kind- to cement.. Love, TRUST, Patience, Forgiveness and...the
largest space for Open Minds. Basic big five elementals

Note :Goddess Ate- Mythological Goddess of revenge appears in remarks in the play Julius Caesar.
Philtres: magic potions etc..
Vaastu: The (Indian) science of placing objects and making constructions of buildings according to strict laws of elements.stars, wind aspects etc...

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