a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

He was trapped down the pit
And no lights could he see
The roof had caved in
And he could
Not get free
The dust and the rock
Had plans for this man
They could crush
Him to death
With the rest of his clan
His father before him
Had died from the dust
And his mother would worry
For she had lost all her trust
He tried to stay calm
But his pain was intense
And he wished he was dead
For it did not make sense
And he lay there for hours
His mind drifting away
And he prayed
They would find him
And take him away
Up to the Surface
And up to the Sky
Away from this place
Where no one should die
Was he in Heaven
He could see shapes in white
They were Doctors
And Nurses
A welcoming sight
And his Mother was crying
Beside his bed
She felt relieved
For she thought he was dead
The pit nearly got him
Like some of his clan
But he would grow old
And be a much wiser man

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