Ninja Turtles

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

While the world sleeps, night and day,
Ninja Turtles are on the roll,
Better not come in their anthropomorphic way,
More so, if you are a troll!
Watch them move, in their groove,
Trained by sensei rat,
Their success story would definitely prove,
How well they spit out spats!
With ninjutsu tactics, they'll twist and turn,
And toss you by your hair,
If their wrath, you've happened to earn
You'll disappear to nowhere!
Aliens, criminals,  megalomaniacs,
Would be the first ones to go,
Be wary of the turtles thumping whack,
What hit you? You wouldn't  know!
They are heroes, a fantasy, an earnest tribe,
Not too keen to nest,
And what Home Box Office would prescribe,
Ninjas on request!

IF you're good, you need not fear,
Panic or board the bus,
But if you're out dears and
Hontoni gambari mas! 

Though like them, I'd leap and turn,
Don't  think my feet I'll find,
For stealthy prowess, though I yearn,
I'll try.... Ninjutsu of the mind.
Maybe algebra,  trigonometry,
Sudoku of aging cells,
Or labyrinths of verbal symmetry 
That agility might compel!

( 'Hontoni' is really and 'gambari masu' is good luck in Japanese )
( this poem is for Kalp, my little friend, my neighborhood ninja)

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