Angel's Angel

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Angel dear, you have been a great daughter
Though your angel daughter-I'd love to sort her

Lovingly - you ask how my whole day went
Worse than being spin dried-I feel descrepit and bent

(Sniff!- I've been sniffing lately )

You tip-toe in - see her innocent face- asleep
You kiss her all over- no sound or peep

Bagheera print pajamas-Sher Khan top
The female Mowgli- hair a tangled mop

That held breath- that mommy look in your eyes
Warns - It's no time to be grandmotherly wise

(Sob! - I've been sobbing lately)

So, I tell you my day was great, just only that
Homework was battle zone, dinner tossed to the downstairs cat

You quiz me 'The 108 Airborne Division'
Mom, Is that her Maths or G.K. revision?

My angel daughter, you heard me quite wrong
Your angel repulses toothpaste -quite strong

Atomic fleck upon the 108th bristle tip
Entered her mouth over the lower lip

As deftly she manoeuvres her lap top cursor
She brushed that gap of her fallen incisor

My child's child, grand daughter,seven years old
Long live independence-fortress, flag and stronghold

(retreat- lately I've been beating (a) retreat)

Angel daughter- Oh,what a gift God had me sent!
But the angel's angel- Good God! You have me spent

That held breath - that mommy look in your eyes
Warns - You'll be O.K- no need for grandmotherly advise

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