Alleluia! He Has Mounted The Throne(Satire)

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Alleluia! He has ascended a podium
And glory of mustered lies will sway the sky,
Intoxicated ears shall stand still as manifestoes creep in tailored idioms
Soon, our parallel arms shall be lifted above the eye

Mechanical engineer of mellifluous speech
Highly talented perfectly to the tongue
Preaching his political sermons with anointed wish
As electorates dance his saintly songs

He swaggers sacredly in seraph's regalia
As heavenly perfumed purity emits from his suit
His perfect smiles even to strangers seems familiar
With his charming crystals carefully arranged as teeth

Alleluia! He has now mounted the throne
And ecstasy driven voices cheer him up to the cloud
Tomorrow, economic woes shall bake our bones
And poverty and unemployment in unison shall shout aloud

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