The Rise And Fall Of Notes

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

In the evening,
Under the orange stain of setting sun
Amidst well nourished sentry trees,
Still awed by the brown kisses of autumn
A beautiful lass appears
Smacking the serene silence of the woodland sanctuary
With the gentle resonating voice of violin
Featuring the pealing opera of singing birds
Intoxicating purple mouthed flowers as they tango in unison
Now ascending, trooping notes with conquering rage of alcohol
Across aspen carpeted mountain terrain
Wounding through the blue-eyed-visage of the sky
Entertaining soon-to-sleep sons of firmament
As bliss driven stars peek through the corners of the darkening sky
It gently cascades with the setting sun
Igniting ecstasy among sea servants
As it falls like a leaf into the soul of the sea
Dreading darkness ensues with perfumed dexterity

In honor of Elizabeth Olsen's Title Challenge

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