a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Its so busy
And inviting
And everywheres
And the three of us
Have lots of things
To do
But our batteries
Need relighting
And if were to go
On fighting
We should follow suit
And do
Like others do
There are restaurants
In the City
Where kind folk
Will show us pity
And they will serve us
With good fine
And finest wine
And when we feel refreshed
We will know that weve
Been blessed
And we will thank them
For their courtesy
And time
Then we will visit every shop
Till we feel
Like we will drop
When our bags are laden
Full of precious goods
And we will catch
The evening bus
Trying hard to make
No fuss
As we chat about
The lovely day weve had
We are friendly little dears
Who are getting on in years
And we hardly ever miss
A sunny day
Its a kind of sweet romance
For a City
Thats enhanced
And we love to come
And spend some time away
Its so busy
And inviting
And everywheres exciting
And the three of us
Have lots of things to do
And though we are pensioners
By trade
We simply have it made
Just so long as we can come
And visit you

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