The rise and the fall of notes (Magnum Opus)

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

When the music stops or life ends only the lyrics or memories haunt us.
For birth to death life is but, the rise and fall of notes in our own Magnum Opus
The highs and lows of life just like the Sharps and Flats of music, are both called accidentals
The rise and fall of notes are thus truly instrumentals

The rise and fall of notes are patterns of how the music flows
Likewise life is a roller coaster ride not all wise, not all woes
To play out our Magnum Opus we need that light, magic touch
Check out the glossary of music -the terms will tell you much

Unidentical twins they say of music and of life
Depending on the touch or reading, the result is joy or strife
A 'Neutral sign' helps music folks TO NOT play the sharp or flat
Joys and tears we could treat with balance and neutralize-exactly like that.

Tho' you don't need piano lessons from life to get much more
It's how well you read, react or act while playing your own score
Music is a parallel-inside us, outside-everywhere
The only universal language that speaks of love and care

There's music in the winds,a kiss, flutter of wings,the waves, the orbs,the spheres
It soothes the savage breast,tones down a notch-your fears
Bird trills, baby cry, fields, a bark, hammer sound, all the tongs
Neighbourly knock,car engine, roof drips, rustling silk are all architectured life-songs

Even wars, each tear, the canyons, cave-echoes,hills, dales, greenery
Sunsets, Northern lights ,peacock call, rains are all notes of a larger scenery
Life is the food of music and music the food of life
Thru' the rise and fall of notes, thru' the lull and clamours rife

Keep your cool, your judgement,your mind,your magic touch
Set up your own pitch or downs... you'll tune in more-so much
Now, if you've stopped to read this-you've realized 'notes' are not your money
So, the rest of what i have to say is actually rather funny

It's up to the performer or 'a bene placito'
To be Abbandonatamente or much Agitato
He can live life Andante, Bellicoso or Animato
Or go thru life Adagio, Dolcissimo,Detache or Canto
Life can be lived Con Amore or Con Spirito
Even Drammatico or highly Capricciosio
Some play out life in notes of Furioso or Flebile
Some live it Magnifico, Liberto, Grandioso,...or gentile
There are those who go for it Gustoso, Impetuoso,Irato
Some attacks or accents are Fortissimo,and some quite Lacrimoso
Yet there are braves who live it Nobilmente and Leggierissimo
Go on give your shot- to Allegro, Allegretto, just one little thing more
Go Moderato-softly- on the rise and fall of notes towards the Expirando
It signals the end of the score,
No chance (No time ) for an Encore

For when music stops and life ends - what remains are just lyrics and memories..always to haunt us
Birth to death, life is but, the rise and fall of notes in our own Magnum Opus
Each breath, each pregnant pause, each (heart) beat is timed on a Metronome
So..let linger....your best swan-song in all hearts..when its time to go home.

Glossary in the order of appearance:
Abbandonatamente- freely. Agitato- agitated.Andante- walking pace. Bellicoso- agressive,warlike. Animato-animatedly.Adagio- slowly. Dolcissimo-sweetly..detache-separately.Canto- in chorus-groups.Con Amore with love Con spirito with spirit.Drammaticco-drammatically. Capricciosio-capriciously. Furioso furiously. Flebile mournfully.Magnifico-magnificiently. liberto- freely. Grandioso-grandly. gentile-gently. Gustoso- with gusto.Impetuoso- impetuously,Irato- angrily. Fortissimo-loudly.Lacrimoso- tearfully.Nobilmente-nobly. Leggirissimo-delicatel play the notes. Allegretto- lively tempo.espirando--dying tones. music.accent-attack allegro-cheerful etc...

1. No, I do not play any musical instruments
2. To expedite my office job- i use to take a shortcut thru the music hall- this short cut opened a treasure trove of Music world, and i grew intrested in the terms..Thanks to inspiring Sr M. Juliana CJ

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