Outpouring of Love

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

When I think of my Lord, it makes me smile
When im walking with him, I can run the next mile
I read of his life, I see patience and care
Kindness of heart and love that wont ware

I think of the past and wonder what happened
I lived for so long not knowing God's passion
His passion for me, wanting to care and protect
but I stood alone, to proud to accept.

The relationship I have is strong and unbinding
My heart felt so lost but its him who Im finding
Deep within I was hurting and broken
I was scared of the past, scared it was woken

This love is like nothing Iv ever felt before
My lover is Saviour and its me he adores
So hard to accept or even comprehend
All I know is Im not giving him up again

Now I come to his presence with an expectant heart
For I know he loves me and will never depart
He crowns me his bride, a precious jewel in his sight
Iv turned from the darkness and now walk in his light

But this love he pours out is not just for me
He delights in you too and wants you to be free
To him your so special, created and chosen
His heart is of love, of freedom and compassion

You may think he wont understand, your not the right person
But God is creator, and we are created
He chose every part from our fingers to toes
and he wants us to trust him with our fears and our woes

He is heavenly Father, who reigns over all
He knows we are sinners and like adam do fall
but that day on the cross, Jesus died in our place
We are free to be loved and experience his grace

So dont stand there alone like I did for so long
Accept God's love and you can stand strong
He is waiting for you, with arms open wide
Welcome him in and let him provide.

Love letter to God
Walking with God
Hurt sequel.....Freedom

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