a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A mixture of colours, oranges and reds
Fills the skies as we lay in our beds
Her colours are warm with a fragrance so pure
Her beauty unveiled, her hope is secure
The colours have merged, an elegant display
Darkness has gone, she has brought in the day

All nture adores her as she rises in splendour
but as people awake their ignorance offends her
The birds in the tree and the creatures on the floor
Look into the sky and are grateful once more
Her beuty radiates for all to see
An expression of love, given completely free.

So as morning ends, her humble duties are finished
With her beauty and warmth the earth she has lavished
Little known to the people she has gone for the day
but tommorow returns in the same glorious way.

The little star

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