Lizard, lizard on the wall.

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

I don't mind spiders, I don't mind bugs,
I can coexist in peace with worms and slugs.
What I can't stand, if anything at all..
Are lizards...  They make my skin crawl!

Right through summer, seen around,
Yellow, slimy, makin' a ' tuk-tuk'  sound,
They get to me...big or small,  
And then to spot a lizard on my wall!

An eye on the computer...I can't think,
An eye on the lizard, I can't  blink,
My eyes are frozen, my head in a spin,
How in the world could it get in.

I stay in or it  gets out,
Everything halts, I wince.. then shout,
A colleague, scowling, walks in,
Grimacing at the ruckus, disorderly din.

Windows are opened, the door ajar,
I continue my protest, reptile on radar...
With rolling of eyes, a broom procured, 
And much hullabaloo, screams endured.

From it's heights, the lizard on the wall,
Like a super hero, leaps and  fall,
I jump on the chair, stand, stunned,
And watch it move..slither and run...

Chased by a broom, on the wooden floor,
Maneuvered, steered, cleared out of my door,
There, finally gone, what a relief,
'Tis difficult to live with a PET peeve! 

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