A Happy Diwali to all my Friends at VN

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

There is a hoarding of fireworks in almost every household
Fairy rice light, Chinese hanging lamps ,tiny mud lamps are sold
At almost every corner of the different street,stalls and malls
The women of the house, mom, sis, grandmoms, aunts makes savouries and sweets if it isn't already bought
But the homemade ones are the bestest- syrupy and sugary-hot

This is big, this is big, a month of other rituals- countdown preparations
Of course there is the great bigger Indian gold obsession
Folks invest , buy gold at this time- buying anything is auspicious ...it is believed
Some of the finest sheer -silks are worn and so many gifts are given , received

There is Rangoli -intricate designs of powdered rice or marble on the floor-so many vibrant colours-kaleidoscope
There is Ganesha and Laxmi Pujas, marigold tassles on the door- in the evening and by nightfall
it's bursting crackers' time. It is Diwali-festival of light and hope
The history -Lord Ram was exiled -his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman accompanied him to the forest
Sita is abducted by Raavan- the ten headed demon - on his sister's behest

After great hardships, trials and a war-triumph of good over evil Raavan is defeated..
On their completion of the exile and return to Ayodhya-they are
By villages after villages lighting their way with Diyas-lamps
rows and rows of them..The symbol of Light..
Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the good fight

My Gen X grand daughter burst in to the house-excited..Nan dear we have to wear colour clothes on Monday, carry sparklers, no firecrackers, some sweetmeats and its a total free day, no studies - we celebrate with all school students and teachers. And, darling er..do you know why? Of course Nan we celebrate Diwali...And what is Diwali about dear?..Oh.Nan don't you know anything at all..ever..Sita was KIDNAPPED (eyes rolling) and Lord Ram rescued her in a chariot so big ...like..like a Limousine................................................. Happy Diwali at this point to all my friends at VN. May there be Light and Happiness and Prosperity in all your lives...May you always be rescued.....in a Limo.

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