A Satirical Letter To Charles Darwin (Apology To Evolutionists)

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Dear Sir, I am a poet from second class portion of earth-AFRICA
Eyed with snarling hunger for seeking truth
(Perhaps that's a symptom of a poet anyway)
I was born with no knowledge of where the sun dines nor sleep
Or where the stars assemble for glorious formation of Pleiades
Sir, I have plucked your sermons branches to branches
And have swallowed them all with high admiration of your work
But sir did you say man really evolve from ape?
For I have also swallowed the saliva of God
Treasured in his holy book they call Bible
And he disagreed with you
Sir, all these now rumble in my stomach

Sir, your fans with inferno love for your science goal scoring
(Some even nickname you scientific Ronaldo)
Said that time will prove you right
And something may with time's many dilly-dally evolve from us
But sir I read in science that time is an enemy of complexity
Don’t tell me you don’t believe in that
Well, If time finally proves you right,
I want my descendants to be like the fictional matrix
Commanding the world with unimaginable power
Sir, unlucky you if your descendant would be ants
(They may serve a good meal to those who will be birds anyway)
Also a kind of natural selection, huh?

Sir, Your fans also said that time, matter and energy
Suddenly with a big bang exploded from nothing
Sir, ah! This is contrary to the Physics first law of thermodynamic
And don’t tell me you don’t believe in those laws
Yours faithfully, poor poet but don’t call me a creationist

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