Love letter to God

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

As I stand here in awe of you
I must praise and worship for all you do
My debt you have payed, you have rescued me
Your love fills my being, through you I am free.

Once I was broken but to me new life you give
The darkness and sin you chose to forgive
The suffering you endured Jesus was not made in vain
I ask through your word that I will be trained.

As I stand in your presence, I thankyou for your grace
You turned my sorrow to joy, my fear into peace
I draw closer to you in hope to catch but a peek
of your beauty and mercy, its you who I seek

I ask a heart of compassion as I fall deeper in you
So many broken and needy, may they know you are true
You pulled me from the dark and shared with me your heart
I pray they will know your love and know it wont depart.

I thankyou you've restored me, brought me out of the dark
Use me to show others, in their lives make a mark
Plant seeds of your love, your grace and compasssion
that one day they too, may experience your passion.

Praise be to the king
Walking with God
Outpouring of Love

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