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Clink and clank of metallic bones
A rattle of rusty chains,
Whish and whoosh of ghostly drapes
A thump on quivering panes,
Clattering hooves of neighing horses
Whack and whip on flanks,
Thudding hearts, chattering teeth
Whoops of triumphant pranks,
Murmur and chants at secret covens
A giggle, an eek and a cry,
Crackle of twigs over flickering fire
It’s the wind that whizzes by.

Pumpkins are squished, cats purr,
Dogs sniff and bark,
Noises that go bump in the night
Cars that honk in the park,
Thunder rumbles, booms and claps
Lightning zip-zaps in the sky,
Children knock for trick-or-treat
Ghosts rustle, boo or sigh,
Witches screech, vampires drip
Werewolves bay and growl,
Halloween fright night is a bash,
The unknown’s on the prowl.

2 Nov 2011

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