a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Cobbled streets and fields of corn
I remember them well
I was only a lad
And though times were bad
I learned how to read
And to spell
Fancy things were never a part
Of our lives
In the village
I knew
There were only the factories
And the coalmines
And they became lifes view
It was only one small village
But there were others too
And though the people were friendly
There was so much more to life
Which I knew
There are other places
Across the sea
With far off lands
Where I dreamt
I could be
I would live like a King
In a palace
Enriched with gold
And I would stand tall and proud
And speak out bold
There would be no
More digging
In darkness for coal
I would leave that behind
For this was my role
It was nice to dream
I could fly away
If only for a moment
Or just one day
But the cobbled streets
And fields of corn
Beckon me back
To the place
I was born

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