a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Hypnotic sequential sea waves
In sequence the white tips surf
That mirror each other
And copy one another

In a trance the elderly woman is
She is captivated by the furrows of waves
She sidedly stand and watch this sea-scape
Locked in her own sea-scape thoughts
As she stand on the Gourock promenade

The surf throws its self onto the shingle beach
Fade away into the shingles
Some parts of the sea- water do
Like ,if the water is drowning,
Drowning in the shingle beach
Reach not them the outwardly sea
No help come to them

Unlocked from her trance
The elderly woman is
Looking straight ahead she is
She carries on with her stroll
On the beach side the surf
Is still locked in an hypnotise sequence
There is no last sea wave in the procession
As the watery procession flows beach -ward

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