Love Those Nights

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Love those nights when my head touches the pillow,
And my eyes are closed quick by gentle sleep,
No sounds, no thoughts come near me,
In peace, quiet, I rest  deep.

Love those nights when nothing ails,
But so tired I be,
The world, moon, stars, the sun..
Sleep the night right beside me.

No tossing, nor fluffing the pillow,
No fretting, nor restless turn,
No yarns to spin or untie.
Beyond desires that yearn to burn.

No lightening frightening I see,
Nor roars of loud thunder heard,
No far fetched flights of fantasy,
To distant worlds when light blurs.

In the arms of restful sleep,
Where weariness bids adieu,
Dreams, nightmares, a forgotten haze,
Where life breathes life anew.

Love those nights when I lay in bed,
When mind and heart are not astir,
When my head but touches the pillow,
And to sleep I surrender.

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