a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Into the quiet
something quells as it speaks
beyond all comparison of species
hating more or less it seeks
out there where they've forbidden
minds to graze or rest
this is planet Earth
eternity put to the test.

What are words if they waste?
upon the nothings and dear breath
mere impressions baiting responses
tortured by thought in its death
what is truth born of lie?
a brooding child unknown
bred not of creation
only of every foul seed as it's sown.

Technology stands like pyramid
all fumbling of fingers has arrived
the wheel crushing loud and heavy
what remains has not survived,
a world created before one man
hands so much quicker than the mind
all eternity conceived and guarded
without a single moment defined.

This is a species I am born to
we are early and much too late,
what becomes of consciousness imprisoned
by the slow hand clap of fate?
where is this quiet I imagine?
is it in your mind as you read?
faith whispers of questions unanswered
love knows not all wounds bleed.

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