a poem by William Willis, Scotland

Her name is in neon and the stage now her home.
With tranquil composure, how the nerves have now gone.
Lights of fantasia, go tripping as she sings.
The voice of Our Angel, as her notes spread their wings.

Feel the NoTeS RISE.
Feel the NoTeS fall.
This is her moment.
Best moment of all.

The curtain is falling, she'll go back to her home.
That small house in Blackburn, to the town she was born.
With the wealth of a queen, still a doll on the shelf.
Isolation of fame, to share with herself.

She felt the NoTeS RISE
She feels the NoTeS fall.
This is the moment.
She hates most of all.


Inspiration taken from Elizabeth's Inspiring title The Rise And Fall Of Notes.Our 13th Inspirational Challenge Title.

Added inspiration also taken from Scottish singing sensation, Susan Boyle who resides only 10 miles away from my family home.Go Susan! Love is out there somewhere!

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