Eid al Azha.

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Greeting my friends.
Eid al Azha is a wonderful festival
Infact, my friends who celebrate it
say there are two parts
to the prayers observed on this day
The first ends with each one
reciting that' God is great
and I am not great', to enhance
the sense of modesty and humility.
The second part involves
the sacrifice of an animal
-a re-enactment of the Sacrifice
of Prophet Abraham -It is,
I am told, to signify 'one should
be morally upright-
even if it involves a sacrifice'.

I have celebrated many Eids
with my friends, and shared of their Qurbani.
...but the most memorable Eid
was the one i witnessed in 1992
in Kanpur.

A very poor grass cutter, earned
a bit of money along with
his bent, feeble,wizened Begum and his lean goat.
He used to visit us to cut the grass
off our lawn...the goat got the grazings.
On Eid day the poor souls visited us..
and wrapped in a very tattered newspaper
was a pound of Qurbani, sacrifice,
the meat, which was as per the customs
being shared with us.
(I noticed the goat of course was missing)
I didn't say much as i was so engrossed and
so overcome by tears with the gesture of these impoverished couple
They refused to take anything..
in return..
and i understood how much this meant
to them..to truly sacrifice ........their only goat,
to share whatever they had with us.
(Mind you, that goat was their tiny source of income..they sold its milk for a few rupees everyday)....I was reminded of the woman who gave all of her coins holding back nothing for her self. (from the Bible).

Eid is a time of spreading peace and interacting with all walks of life. Happy Eid al Azha to everyone at VN.

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