The Young Lady of Cawnpore

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

There was a young lady of Cawnpore
Who kept two renowned gifts of Rampore

One night drowsing to sleep that wooed her
Was surprised by a nasty intruder

Swift she poked him in the nose and nave
Twice she struck forcing him to behave

Quick he retreated as if from hell
While his back got bit by the devil

She owned the famous Rampuri Knife
That gravity blade saved her young life

The 'back-biter' was her Rampur Hound
Long neck, sharp teeth, the rarest breed found

She lived in much peace long in Cawnpore
Blessed with her two bodyguards of Rampore

Cawnpore: now called Kanpur( my hometown). The Rampuri(Rampoori) Knife, a nine to twelve inches gravity switchblade used by thugs, criminals and royalty in the 19th century )is banned actually- and if produced must have only 4 inches -as permitted now by the government..a unique technique of moulding and making it is handed down from father to a famed knife of ill repute and much owner-status. The Rampur Greyhound on the other hand is a royal, maharaja breed and extremely rare..superb looking dog..great loyalty..the breed was developed in Rampur (Place between Delhi and Bareilly)Have fun.regards rita singh.

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