Will you still love me?

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Today I'm beautiful,
And I have you on your knees,
But when my beauty wanes,
Will you still love me?

Today I'm young,
And passion has her say,
But will you  hold me close,
When crimson love grays?

Today I'm alive,
Like a strong summer gale,
But will you care for me,
When I be frail?

Today I smile,
There's laughter in my eyes,
But will you be with me,
When my heart cries?

Will you love me, hold me,
In love's tender kiss,
When my hair turns white,
And my thoughts go a miss?

Will you love me, hug me,
Ever so tight,
Through my brightest morn'..
In my darkest night?

Could I be of you
Before 'tis night
"Dream a little dream"
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