a poem by Marisa Pesina, USA

I look into my children’s eyes, and see them dreaming free.
Their faces beam with admiration, how did this come to be?
Their innocence, and pure gold hearts, it means so much to me.
My land once tarnished with bitter shame, now is living free.

A sudden gasp of disbelief caused my heart to flutter free.
I saw you there, oh dear veteran, clearing up the path for me.
Oh, how you stood, so brave and proud, fighting just for me.
For my children, young and old, you fought, so we’d be free.
America... America, I’m proud… so proud to be.

On those painful, silent nights, when you thought you were alone.
Beneath shared stars, on unwelcomed land, your heart had overgrown.
God saw your tears and heard a prayer, requesting that, you’d make it home.
Your work was done, oh faithful one, dignity you’d shown.

I’m proud of all you did to prove, that my freedom you preferred.
Your legacy will always live, and your acts will not be blurred.
Behind every freely spoken word, there is a veteran unheard.

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