Woodland Romance

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

As creamy blue cloud rests on tall tender trees
Peeps of early morning sun still awakes dosing greens
Dull dews are yet to vanish from their sheltering leaves
Silences of monastery still arrest woodland paradise
The songbirds are yet to reveal songs schedule of the day
The echoing breath of nature
Still nurture patient under slumber's custody
Only four naked legs print love on woodland moldered leaves
A perfect sanctuary for lucky cupid and Venus
As calming breezy strokes of nature
Lull perfectly braided hairs
Affection breathes rhythm to drumming tongues
Sweeping feelings conquer trembling flesh
As lips gently explore one another
Keen tender arms stroll awaiting avenues
As soft sweet moans arouse jealousy among woodland beings
'I love you' falls from ecstasy driven tongues
A perfect world is created by their conjoined spirits
Where comfort nourish mind and soul
It's now evening
As weary sun leisurely walks home
A head still rests on sweeter-than-mattress subtle laps

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