a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Is it really a mans world
And do they rule the roost
Well think
Of Lady Thatcher
She definitely gave women a boost
Think of all the singers
And entertainers on the slot
You will find that most
Are women
And they stand out a lot
Men are just mere mortals
And believe some blondes are dumb
But when it comes to tactics
We are usually under the thumb
Could it be a mans world
Would the vote
Be a HE or a SHE
I think if they were counted
Most females would disagree
Like it or lump it
The vote would be close
For the people love changes
Not big heads who pose
We have been ruled by Mrs Thatcher
Who in her term
Was quite serene
And then we have the Monarchy
With Elizabeth our QUEEN
So is it really a mans world
And do we rule the roost
Or are there women in the background
Giving us all a boost
But does it really matter
Who gets more or less
Well when you see the the Big Boys
I think the answers YES


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