Give me a cowboy poet ....anyday

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Howdie....greetings to ya all lads an lassies,

Brought up on a dominant preteens' staple fare
We's Indians -not Red Indians wuz quite aware
Long before the advent of Dylan or Jimi Hendricks
We wuz watchin them coyote-cowboy Western flicks

How lustily we cheered when dear ole Duke
Acocked a few yella bellies into their puke
And spoke as upright as saddled he rode
"A man's got to have a code"

So we learnt of the laws of that Wild West
And how cowboy poets sang at sundown,campfire and rest
How they rangered,how they battled, how they lucked
how they lassoed,rodeod, cattled or bucked

And with great solidarity we use to tap and sing
Home on the range and the Red River Valley thing
Watch Gun fight at O.K. Corral or snuck-read L'Amour
All that dusk, dust,ghost towns bit is no more

Still folks are a sayin' that a cowboy never dies
they'll be doin' ridin'herdin' till each well dries
So give me a cowboy poet- Stetson and all any day
Naaah! not Bingo Gazingo orJoel Nelson , i might say

But, the original drinkin whiskey with the gun hand
The type who'll shoot and ride straight and take his stand
Such poet cowboys they say are hard to find
Sunbaked, honest and who treats a lady so kind


Note : weeell I'm done tryin...cant say i didna try..and one more thing we -associated with the cavalry(Indian Armoured Corp) have a grand history of men and horses fighting great battles...and have a great affinity to the stories of Cowboys and their codes...and one of our memorable saying echoes the cowboy poet life...'dont squat with the spurs on.." Cheers to all at VN.rita singh

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