a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

When God looks down at his creation
It saddens him to see
A world living in condemnation
When he created us to be free

He sent his only son for us
His heart was broken in two
Watching his pain and suffering
He was broken for me and for you

That cruel day at the cross was more than an event in time
It secured our salvation and now God says you are mine
Bought with Jesus blood, so precious you are to me
Righteous in his sight through Jesus purity

We are invited into his kingdom, to know him as heavenly father
As children we are to come, and at his feet we gather
Our value cannot be determined, by the riches of any man
For in God’s sight we are much more precious, for each of us he has a plan

A plan to prosper us not to harm us, to build us up in him
His blessings he pours out on us even before we begin
Equips us with the tools, skills and strength me need
Throughout our lives he is with us and helping us succeed

Hope and freedom
Walking with God
hopes, thoughts and fears

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