a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Do you realize
Enough cannot emphasize

Those harmless bookmarks
Once valued more than the quarks

This poetic space
Is cramped warning to this case

That our lives alter
If ever bookmarks falter

Surfeit, causing damnation

For between covers
Invented by book lovers

Marks page in book thick
To resume your reading quick

There are kinds and kinds
Some made up by crazy minds

Scotchbrite, orange rind
Kitchenfoil,Knife with no hind

Pressed flowers, combs, pins
Lid of three cornered jam-tins

Family photographs
Tickets to last stop ,don't laugh

Postcards, pencovers
Rendevous maps of lovers

Unposted letters
Posted envelope tatters

Cheques and bills unpaid
And if that's not enough said

Tweezers and pincers
And the perfume dispensers

A decade of rosary beads
Two pin plugs and dried up weeds

Even baby's wee tooth
Fined receipts of parking booths

A certificate
The last, not least and too late

Belonged to my friend
Inside a book she had lend

I sold the scrapped book
We despaired by hook or by crook

Pillar to post ran
And at last found the scrap-man

There was no comfort
To retrieve her marriage cert.

As pulped with no trace
Was that book in the furnace

It became much joked
Laughter and ribbing we all poked

She celebrated
Loss of proof hardly rated

And sealed with a kiss
Forty years of wedded bliss

No sooner he died
Inconsolable, she cried

By law unwed she
Had to get hold- a copy

Stood unwidowed state
dispossessed of her estate

How our lives falter
Inspite of truth and altar

I vote that bookmarks
Should be phased out with the arks

Note : This idea of the poem came to me after reading about bookmark museums,crafts and articles...The only truth is that exactly this way many such certificates are lost ..and in an overpopulated place...it fans legal hassles and loopholes and runaround before the matter can be sorted out.

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