Gotta believe in!!!

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Gotta believe in!!!

The dreams I’m dreaming
I know the directions,And my making
The mountain was high, the slopes steep
Too slippery to maintain my grip
The rain was a foe, it made me slip
Left me bruised, with cuts too deep
The tears were blood,the screams unheard
Loneliness only made the matters worse
It’s just physical, my spirit argued
It’s nothing ,it urged forward
The night was a curse,It was so dark
I shivered, I cried, even thought what it was worth?
It’s easy to let go, the Devil lured
Take my hand,Will take you through
And just as I tilted towards the Devil,its temptations locking me
The dawn broke out, it sang with tranquility
I saw the summit,And how near my dream was to be
My faith kicked back the Devil,It caved in its own trapping
The Voice inside said
“This is a learning to know who in your life is a blessing”
The ones who left you and said you won’t make it, or the ones who told you to break it
It’s not about the mile,it’s the short steps you take
It’s not about the crunch, but what of it you make
The pain is temporary,your destiny is for real
You need nothing you just
Gotta believe in!!!

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