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She's number one, best in show, never gives up,
but is that so?
She breaks down in bed, curled up on the bathroom floor
determined that she cant live anymore.
Her parents scream and fight all night
She hears Her name thrown around in Spite
She looks in the mirror and turns out the light
the mirror shows a girl beautiful and sweet
the total opposite of the actual girl you Should meet
She turns out the light to show what She sees
a dark shadow of a girl who falls to her knees.
crying,screaming, praying, and still hope.
fighting to survive, Determined to cope.
cope with being nothing but surface deep
praying that God can stop the pain and just put her thoughts to sleep
Time passes as she stares in the dark
the outline of her perfect figure burrys her in utter disgust.
she screams at the mirror, throws something hard
shattering the girl of perfection into useless shards.
she knows she not perfect, or happy at all
all she wants is for someone to hear her faint call.
her call to be picked up and loved
even though the real her, to the side; she is shoved
her heart is hardened;her experiences darkened
by lack of love and uncontrolled screams
she sits on the bathroom floor knowing not of what love means.

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