Heavy Heart

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

All alone with dreadful fear, trying not to shed a tear
For one who once did call for help
Relied on her for every need, she gave her all
In spite the seed of doubt instilled by friends
Who were concerned

Took on tasks that others would not even dare
Knowing in her heart, it was the cross for her to bear
Emotions used up put on hold
Now too late to turn away, nothing left for her to say
Dreadful end game now at hand

Spirit drained as every dawn brings troubles new
Keeping up pretence, to placate the troubled few
Who care for her as if she were our own
Prayers are offered for their plight
The Good Lord keeps them in His sight
All fears subside to fade away,
To know you gave your heart each day

Aramis /|\

Footnote:- For a dear Friend in her time of need

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