Soulmates unite

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Somewhere from beyond the fathomless depth of times
There are memories that exist even in the space between lives
That evoke the feel of love in your eyes, when you held my hand
And then the cobwebs surround me where I lost you and found you again

Somewhere in previous lifetimes in my belief of rendezvous destined
There is our story that transcends past boundaries of time
Where eternal reasoning and explanations elope
As to why my heart remembers your words decorated with tunes of hope

Somewhere you mutually restless desperately trying to remain alive
Remembering cherishing nurturing floating in misty survive
Counting those endless moments trapped in our dispersions
Intertwined with versions degrees shades of yearnings

Somewhere preordained and designed when it will be time to tryst
For fate to let the veil between those worlds to part and twist
My world will be enchanted with Universe’s intervention divine
Leading our paths to cross etherized breaking all confines

Somewhere it’s just a matter of time when the doors of wholeness open
Till then you exist somewhere everywhere, around me in many dimensions
I don’t have to discover you, true loves outgrows lifetime
And till I find you again, you are always there with me, you will always be mine.

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