a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Copy Cat, Copy Cat,
Where for art thou,
Beneath my heals,
or under my feet.

Copy Cat, Copy Cat,
Please be yourself,
For life is short,
so do your own best.

Copy Cat, Copy Cat,
Do work to define,
As you wish you were me
Cause's I'm so devine.

Copy Cat, Copy Cat,
I wish you could see,
That it is me,
you seek to be.

Copy Cat, Copy Cat,
toss away your mask
let others see you
for your own loving ways.

Copy Cat, Copy cat,
I see, it's okay
to be like me,
You have flattered me.

Linda Bates Terrell
November 19, 2011

While watching my grandkids playing, they seem to think
Copy Cats are bad. Some learn best from observations, and the only sad thing about a "Copy Cat" is that a "Copy Cat" doesn't trust their on abilities, or decisions. For when one trusts their own abilities, they will soar.

As for Copy Cats, we all sometimes walk in the shadows of others till we make our own way, till we trust ourselves, and till our own unique self guides us on our way. For if we choose to always be in the shaodow...others will soon see, that a shadow in the night could soon fade indefinately.

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