Each friend is special :)

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

Reminiscing all the memories,
Of The past and yet to be

The happy n carefree days of school
When we giggled for no reason and studying was cool
The games we played, the songs we crooned
The lessons, the laughter in the singing room
Nibbling in the classrooms avoiding the teacher’s eyes
Never got caught was a big surprise
The rounds taken by Sister Patricia,
The rules she made were those of militia
Mona, Shweta we grew up together
Know we are friends, the distances don’t matter
Ashita, Deepali, Shruti the naughty ones
All fond memories and peeves none
Laughter was plenty and fights were few
Shaili,Gayatri,Smita,Anamika,Manmeet I hope you remember too
Sitting in the grounds and sharing lunch
Gossiping about everything under the sun
The codes we had for teacher’s names
Pandey Sir was Pandu, This was our favorite game
Even computers didn’t seem tricky
With Parul, Mayank, Raghav and Lucky
Smita dear I remember those days
Of students, paper corrections and our Pepsi Craze
Lucky to be telephone exchange for Pratibha Sharma
Keeping phones busy we did good and improved our Karma ;)
Then came college which was even better
The hostel was alive with our constant chatter
Loved the roommates, the friends I got
I swear guys you were the best of the lot
One night the play-a-prank urge was in its prime
Suruchi Sharma was my partner in crime
Dressed as a ghost we thought its creepy
But Nalini was unperturbed even when she was sleepy :O
So hid and knocked on Mignionne’s door for a while
Poor girl was so scared we couldn’t hide our smile
Sanchita Singh always tend to miss the bus
Maggi and Urvi and the childish fuss :P
Bibek Pramanik always cribbed about 6’o clock yoga lessons
But I loved Shruti and Neha and our midnight-tea sessions
Exploring Mumbai was so much fun
With Devendra ,Vikas,Shruti,Pooja and Nayan
One day being late from Siddhivinayak we were under trauma
Loved how Shruti tricked the warden with her melodrama ;)
Remember lovely times with Umang and Sumkit Paharia
The awful, hateful time of being down with malaria
Miss super times with the names mentioned and also those that I couldn’t
Forgive me for that because you all are important
All the people I met, the lessons I learnt
From the books, the experiences, the twists and turns
Now busy in everyday trivia I may sometimes not respond,
But I wish to relive those days with a magic wand
We might someday probably lose touch,
But I care for you all very much

Those days are gone, but for now I’m glad you all are here
That’s the best part to cheer!

A poem that I wrote just for fun remembering all my friends and great super-awesome times spent with them, for each one of them is very important and special in his own way :)))

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