Clouds of love

a poem by Shilpa Kapoor, India

They turned into a Unicorn serene and pure
And a few minutes later they were more like a flower

Slowly changing forms and shapes like an imagination
Innovating shapes and colors of different combination

Floating across regardless of boundaries they immigrated
Making fun, teasing sometimes adulating those imitated

When the sun started to rest melting and fainting
They were illuminated like a life size painting

With deep colors of pink filled and purple silhouetted
Now they looked like an ice cream cone melted

But gliding across the sky these clouds weren’t alone
They were watched intently by two observers forlorn

Eyes focused skywards they saw figures reborn
But in their minds they wanted a world that was their own

Each hesitating and striving to break free and flow
Weren’t sure if what one wanted the other wanted also

Suddenly eyes shining they saw them taking a form unspoken
Now all the uncertainty was shaken and broken

Looking into each other’s eyes they knew it was a start
The clouds had vaporized the shape of a crimson heart

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