a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Down in a valley
A valley of old
Miner's toiled
Who were brave
And bold
And down
In that valley
Was an acorn tree
Which brings to mind
A strange memory
I remember
One Summer's day
As I casually
Strolled on my way
I came across
A pretty young maiden
Who was leisurely
Lounging in the shade
She sat beneath
An acorn tree
And softly smiled
Up at me
Her beauty was beyond
And as I passed
I turned to stare
I remember clearly
On that day
The way she smiled
And bid me stay
Time passed by
As we relaxed
In the glade
Laughing and talking
In the shade
She was so enchanting
And full of fun
That I had quite forgotten
My day wasn't done
I had to work down the pit
That day
So I waved her goodbye
And went on my way
I had missed my shift
I was hours too late
And the explosion
Below ground
Wasn't to be my fate
I never saw that girl again
But I often visit
The acorn tree
Perhaps to thank
My mysterious friend
Who on that day
Had certainly
Saved me

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