Santa's Christmas Chimney Slide!

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

The church nestled snugly in the snow on the hill,
Snow glistening about, oh kids what a thrill.
The trees strewn about, there is no doubt,
Santa will soon be here, just don't fear.
For his red suit may be bright, and his belly so big,
But soon in to his pack for toys he'll dig.

The candy cane tree all lit up just right,
And the night's candles dim, not bright.
The haze on the window, I can barely see,
Is that Uncle Claude or dear Auntie... maybe.
So now, as I wonder, I hear the sleighs bells ring,
And too, the many little elf's begin to sing.

I know it's him. I here him bellow, Ho, Ho, Ho!
Soon down the snug chimney, I heard him yell, Oh, Oh Oh!
But bright as a flash light in the night,
as quick as a wink, he's soon moaning... in my sight.
I see his big bulky pack, he lifts from his aching back,
His eyes glisten, as presents he'll stack.

Then again quick as a wink, I dare not blink,
His cheeks all rosy and pink.
Up the chimney, and soon he was gone,
I heard him say as he rode swiftly away. "Ho, Ho, Ho!
Oh, Oh, Oh! You'll have lots of toys, with which to play."
I still wonder, he's such a nice man,he smiles all the time,
Cause Santa won't have poems, hard to rhyme :) ;)

Merry Christmas all!

Linda Bates Terrell
November 28, 2011

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