a poem by William Willis, Scotland

He was six foot tall and alive as can be.
Weighed 25 stone in the shade by the tree.
Was chiselled and moulded with love and with care.
By father and daughter a memory so rare.

Green apples for eyes and a carrot for nose.
Majestic and cool he could strike a good pose.
Crafted with hands being bitten by frost.
Fingertip feelings temporarily lost.

With sculptors precision we gave him street cred.
Placed a red baseball cap on top of his head.
We shivered,we sweated and laughed in the snow.
My daughters red cheeks were brightly aglow.

It was dark when we finished but the snow gave us light.
White snowman reflecting my daughters delight.
The moon shone down through the snowflakes above.
On father and daughter and their snowman of love.

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