I am a woman but have you heard me ROAR?

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

So you think I am mint candy all sweet 'n nice,
Beguiled aren't you, and in for a surprise,
You feel you know me, YES, you're  so sure..
I am a woman but have you heard me ROAR?

I am not  a pot of sugar, but a barrel of SPICE
Rub your eyes hard and think  twice,
Then look the other way and don't even dare,
I may well peel you in tearful onion layers!

At your frantic antics I am not amused
Back off, learn, take the cues,
Better still if  you just walk out that door,
Unless you'd rather stay and hear me  ROAR?

Don't waste my time, don't mess around,
You won't know you, you might not be found,
One move.. teeth all misaligned be,
In dire need of cosmetic dentistry!

Test my  patience .. I might swerve and start,
Push you in a corner with unknown martial arts,
I am a WOMAN .. have you NOW heard me ROAR?
Hear me clear and DON'T ask for more!

( a rather unpleasant day... But just kidding...won't peel anyone :) and couldn't classify this in any category so have put it under boxing! )

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