"Just Give Me A Cowboy Poet"

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

the wilderness,it was my home
the creeks and prairies i did roam
my brothers died both young and old
so listen while my story's told!

fought the gun in our environs
desert,river,plains and canyons
crazy gun-law pioneers
get-rich-quick mad volunteers

they came in droves,but Custer fell
this red-skin poet lived to tell
alienating our civilisation

calumet of peace (not fire)
tomahawks now up for hire
Apache,Sioux and tribes long lost
Geronimo and Crazy Horse

my brothers died both young and old
white-man,stole our land for gold
If it's a cowboy poet that you need
I've got the rhyme but not the creed

As per Marvenea's 14th Inspirational Title Challenge.

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ANDY'S CHALLENGE - "42" (The Age Of Renovation)

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