a poem by Jean Louise Stevens, USA

On the most beautiful of nights as the stars crown the sky
I stand on my porch as silence draws nigh
The quiet that comes just on Christmas eve
Is hard to explain and hard to believe

Each year after all of the gifts have been wrapped
I step outside just to take a deep breath
The night seems so calm as I stand alone there
Not a sound can be heard in the cool winter air

Its as if heaven and earth pay homage each year
On the eve of that birth that we all hold so dear
The heavens draw a breath and the angels stand still
The air ceases movement by its own will

All creation stops singing as the silence enfolds
Its as if the story was about to be told
Of the coming of hope on nights' silent wing
To the world that needed but one small thing

That gift very precious and unlike no other
Came quietly that night in the arms of his father
Is there any question why the silence still comes
Its there to mark the birth of Gods son

As I stand on my porch each Christmas eve night
I'm reminded of silence that always takes flight
For its in that silence that I recall why He came
So I stand and I listen for the hope that remains

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