True Friendships Forge From Matters Of The Heart.

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

How thirty years and five betray me (blear),
Could I be known to you afore acquaint?
One reminiscent yore (a souvenir),
A silhouette on past horizons (faint),
In whorls of yesteryear we’d briefly fleet,
And face to face our gazes barely met,
Nor opportune in utterance discreet,
Or inclination of a whisper (yet),
Lest five and thirty years am I to rue!
Plead guilty being absent of your sly!
Be so must be you stole a closer view,
To recognise the face behold the eye,
In retrospect of time or space apart,
True friendships forge from matters of the heart.

Keith Lumbard 30th November 2011.

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